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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Ancestral Health Symposium: Part one.. too much to jam in one post..or maybe five

The buzz on this HISTORICAL  event was a long time coming. To my chagrin, when I finally got my ass in gear to buy a ticket it was sold out! Due to the magic of Facebook and one Mr. Danny Roddy, I was able to get a spot on the prestigious volunteer squad, run by Gavin Impett. I practically did a jig right there in front of my computer screen I was so thrilled!!!!!

I packed my little grass fed burger with arugula and tomato lunch, added some snacks and headed for UCLA. After a bit of a climb (Mov Nat!) I found a packed room, and I heard a voice that I know oh so well. Mr. Robb Wolf of The Paleo Solution was holding court and it was standing room only. WOW! So cool to finally see him in the flesh, being his smart and funny self! Here is one slide he shared, yes, Virginia, Cows Do Eat Grass!

I did miss some very important speakers in the am, such as Aaron Blaisdell and Boyd Eaton, two of the genius minds that created the AHS. I did have a Loren Cordain sighting, as he was being interviewed...
 I also missed Mark Cohen. BUT THEN, I spotted this guy and just had to nab a pic with the king of all Kitavan studiers, Staffan Lindeberg! 
 I missed a few others, including Don Matesz of Primal Wisdom who recently wrote a post entitled 'Farewell to Paleo'. I have to say that his style of diet is where mine has landed these days and I am loving it. Less meat and less fat, more fruit, seafood, starches and veggies make this momma very happy indeed. :-)

I had a very hard time focusing as the many paleo/real food/bloggers/ researchers/doctors/scientists/hot guys and gals that filled the place were super distracting!!
I ran into a few very cool folks that I know from the podcast/blog world. You may recognize them..
                                              Danny Roddy,  Jimmy and Christine Moore xo

Jimmy of course is the voice and the amazingly prolific guy behind Livin' La Vida Low Carb podcast and blog! He and  his wife, the lovely and sweet Christine were my twitter pals at the table by the tech guys. Jimmy has the fastest fingers in the world, and his tweets are the stuff of legend, just one after another. Loved meeting them and talking to them! Thanks you two for hanging out with me. It was wonderful.
Look for many of the AHS speakers on Jimmy's Low Carb Cruise in May 20112. You may even see me join in the fun!

As for Danny, he and  his pal Bill were able to stand being around me while I geeked out hard each time I had a sighting of someone I admired and wanted to meet. We did attend the Vitamin D talk by Richard Jacobson. Don't mean to dis, the info was STELLAR, the reading off the laptop? not so much :-(

I caught some Vitamin D during my lunch, then rushed in to see Stephan Guyenet, one of my favorite health bloggers and researchers. Here are some clips from his talk on the causes and possible cures for obesity.

Look what happened in Mom's Kitchen around 1960... hmmmm.....

food for thought!
Some more thoughts on Engineered foods and Kids.. who do they recognize? Hint, it's not Robb Wolf!

Scary stuff.
So what is a Human to do?
Here are some ideas Stephan G. laid out...parents take heed... Mom's Kitchen NEEDS to reopen asap!

And now, for the certainly most talked about moment of Day One, Gary Taubes tries to take Stephan to the mat.. watch this and PLEASE< share your thoughts on how this went down... >
Wowee, the gasps went through the crowd. What a graceful response from Dr. G. I have to say I felt that Taubes came off a bit rude. No need for that in this gathering.
We were all there to learn, to share, to understand this crazy place we try to inhabit. I will say that everyone I met was grounded, down to earth, nice and very very smart. So why the seeming attack? Or is it a good thing to point out holes you find (or seem to find) in another speakers theories?

I must break there, leaving you with this little bit of fun that I had with Mr. Roddy. We made this to incite envy in the quite infamous Matt Stone of 180 Degree Health. As he was unable to attend, I created this video tease to send to him. Please enjoy and tune in tomorrow for part two of the Ancestral Health Symposium down low!
 I mean who wouldn't be jealous when Staffan and Stephan are having a pow wow and Nora G. is strolling by?

TA TA for now, more fun tomorrow in Part two of the most epic conference I have EVER attended. No lie.
deb xoxox


  1. Wow, I am so jealous! Maybe something similar will come to Texas...

    Great post, I'll have to watch videos later on home computer.

  2. Thanks Val! Wise traditions is coming to Dallas in November with many of the speakers there plus others!
    More posts soon!

  3. I actually think it's good to point out holes in someones argument to give them the opportunity to strengthen the argument in the future. It is hard to tell what Taubes' real intention was, but hopefully it will end up being helpful.


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