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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Very Special Annoucement! SweetPeas Interview ME! WOWWWEE!

ttention Love Bugs!

I know I have not posted here in many moons but TODAY is a very special day!
The amazing team of James, Lisa Marie and Morgan Lindenschmidt, the very same Mead Crafters and Rite Chocolate creators are interveiwing ME!

The Lindenschmidts have a super fun and informative podcast called The SweetPeas Podcast. And I am a huge fan! Amazing people like Daniel Vitalis, Anthony Anderson, Heather Pace, Frank Giglio and his lovely Goji, Arthur Haines and so many more have graced the airwaves at The SweetPeas headqaarters in the beautiful state of Maine.

Please look on itunes and find the SweetPeas. My interview should show up this week sometime.

I am thrilled and honored to talk about my food journey and how I did it with my family etc etc.


peas out

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