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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Heathy: Grass Fed Bone Broth

                                                         Sam and Heathy last summer

My dear friend Heathy of Sweetly Raw is coming to visit.. she is healing her body using certain items that are impossible for her to bring with her. So I made Heathy a nourishing traditions style bone broth using grass fed marrow bones from Novy Ranch and a grass fed beef shank steak..

My Fabulous Le Crueset Pot!
This is how we do it baby...

Get a large stockpot, if you are lucky, one like my pal AnnMarie had a drawing for at Cheeseslave ! Yep, I won!  Go visit her and tell her Debbie sent you!

Add some amazing grass fed marrow bones ( a gift from my dear buddy Darla), I used around 5-6 lbs of them... add 1/2 cup Braggs cider vinegar and some water to cover, let sit for 30 minutes or so...

Then I roasted a grass fed shank steak from Whole Foods for about 45 mins at 400 degrees..


Make sure you keep a sharp eye on certain family members.

Cover the bones and shank with water.. add the veggies which are
*3 carrots chopped
*1 red onion chopped
*3 celery stalks chopped
*one bunch of parsley (I messed up and added this now.. you are supposed to add it at the last ten minutes of cooking.. oh well.)
*3 sprigs of fresh thyme
* cracked black pepper

Add the veggies to the water and bones..

Make sure you leave about an inch at the top of the pot.
Bring it to a boil....um yeah, mine was full to the top :)

Then lower to a simmer.. and let her sit. 
I leave mine for three days, gotta get all that marrowy goodness out!
I kept stirring it.. about 3 times a day or so..
and Voila'! 
Take the bones out with a slotted spoon or tongs....and any meaty chunks.. for your best friend.
Ok boy, you can eat now!

Strain out the chunky stuff like so:
And you will be rewarded with this golden nectar of the bone..

No, there is not a tree in the broth, it's the reflection from my kitchen window!

Pop this in the fridge, let the fat gather on the top and scoop it off.. then store it in containers in the fridge or freezer.

I plan to give Heathy four jars of this bone broth.. and plan to make some bison broth Weds night.. it will be ready when I see her Friday night!

Malcolm trying to restrain himself..

all that is left is the bones.. which will no doubt be buried in our yard..

Heathy's Bone Broth jars, waiting to be filled.

May your kitchen be warmed by your stock pot simmering and your heart be full of love for your friends, furry and otherwise. <3



  1. OH my goodness! Debbie! You are my angel :) I cannot thank you enough my dear. I'm so excited to see you and Sam in a few days.


  2. Heathy, I love making bone broth.. it's a labor of love!
    so excited to see you too.. we all need angels to get through this nutty life!
    xoxo deb and the youngs! xoxo

  3. Yo Debbie! Thanks for the link to your friend Heather's blog...more affirmation in whole healing amidst a sea of admittedly well-meaning raw vegan folk. And this bone broth! I made some a wee while back although... 3 DAYS? Hey. It sure looked yummola. Anyways - hugs and a cheer to you.. to us all!

  4. Thanks Diane! Heather is doing great and feeling so much stronger. Yep, three days to melt it all out.. I have a low simmer burner so it is easy, just the occasional stir.
    Thanks !

  5. Hi Deb, thank you for stopping by my blog today. So glad you did because I was able to read your post about bone broth, and I think my two pups would love the actual bones. :) To answer your question about using gluten-free flour in the Cheddar & Potato Chowder, I have never used gluten-free flour for this recipe but I don't see why not. The flour is mostly for thickening. But if you try it, let me know how it turns out! Now you got me thinking and I'm going to have to try it. :)

  6. Hey London girl/Alysia, Glad you found it! xoxo
    Angie: Yes my boy likes them raw, but he will lick and chew on these. Be careful with some, they may splinter, I would do a search but I think Marrow bones are ok for pups. And when you strain the broth, all the veg and meat scraps are great for doggies:)

    I will try using a gluten free thickener and let you know!
    Glad to meet you!

  7. Wow, the bone broth looks fabulous. The broth is filled with amazing nutrients that would definitely feed the soul and nourish the body.


  8. thanks Velva, yes it is full of great stuff for good health!

  9. I only made it once and the boy ate the innards of marrow... boys/dogs, I've always found the coincide on so many counts. Can't wait to try this again. Thanks for spelling it out sistah.

  10. Lisa, keep the marrow for yourself!!!!!! The main thing is to get the bones to release all their goodness, minerals and create gelatin. It is such a healing food, I think eating a bowl daily should be a requirement!
    I cook eggs, sausage and veggies in it. so tasty!

  11. START BLOGGING AGAIN!!!!!!!!! haha everytime i check your site i see bone marrow and i start craving like a wildwoman!

  12. Malpaz, so sorry! I have two posts in the works and I think you will like them. Bone Marrow ROCKS!!!!!
    Keep up the good work, wish I could see my muscles :)

  13. OK, this is making me wish I had a doggy so that I didn't feel so guilty about dumping my stock strainings in the trash. Of course, the neighbors have dogs. Maybe I should offer?

  14. Jenny the stock mush waster ;)
    As long as all the bones are removed they should be thrilled. I was thinking that if you took this stuff and pureed it that would make a KILLER baby food. Maybe for a smaller doggie?


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