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Friday, September 3, 2010

Real American Heroes! The Series Begins! PART 2 Blackbird Tribe!

So bright and early we set out from Palm Springs to Casa Paradiso AZ!  It's a long lonely stretch with no radio reception and Sam kept asking how much longer??? Four or so hours later...
Malcolm was not a fan of the driving.
We Arrived! Dolly and Anthony, Andrea and Selim were there to greet us. After unloading our stuff and giving out the goodies (raw cheezeits, savory/sweet almonds, bison, raw milk, raw cream) we headed out for Singh Farms.
What an incredible farm it is!

Sam, Dolly and Anthony at Singh Farms. It was VERY hot!
and those 'mountains' in the distance, HUGE amounts of compost!  This is where Dolly and Anthony got the compost for their food forest.
Sam LOVES Dolly!
we all do!

We saw so many awesome trees, plants, and even chickens!

This was the area where they do demos..

                                        Sam at the chicken coop
Singh farms was a vacant lot when they started, in the desert.. and now? A Lush forest of trees, fruit, veggies and flowers, amazing!
                                    Anthony and Sam looking at the before/after of the farm area.

We bought a big organic watermelon and headed back home.  Sam really wanted to see the baby chicks and go swimming too!  But first, an art project ensued..
  Malcolm has a good eye.. 

Soon it was time for dinner prep...
                                                Anthony, Sam, Dolly and Charlie

Anthony is tending tons of plants and trees, he showed me a few new ones, like this gorgeous melon, hanging off a tree!
I cannot remember if this is a kiwi? But have you ever seen anyone happier than Anthony in his garden? ever? Just glowing!

Selim, the Dog whisperer. 
His secret? Steak. Works like a charm! Charlie, Max, Lucky and the new kid, Malcolm

Sam feel in love with Prudence. She spent hours with the chickens, helping Andrea and feeding them. I wish we could have some here, but we found out it is not allowed :(

Here is a short video taken in the coop, it was not quite finished but still very cool!

                                                      Dolly showing off the latest fashion trend, chickens!

The Tribe gathered for dinner! What a fun time, good company and delicious eats too.

Sam and I out back on the patio. Even though the sun had set, it was still very hot. About 90 degrees at night and very humid. The woofies spend tons of time in the pool to cool off.

                                          Family Friend Paula, me, Dolly, Anthony and Sam

We are so lucky to have such wonderful generous friends to visit and spend time with!  And and if you are wondering what Sam was up to with her art project, let's just say it was a labor of love...

We were off to bed rather early.. Sam was almost sleeping on her dinner plate.. stay tuned for Day Two at Casa Paradiso!
Oh and if you want to taste the best raw vegan or non vegan chocolate truffles, go to Blackbird Naturals and tell them Sam sent you!
Next Post:
More fun with the chickies and Andrea the Chicken Healer/ coop builder!

                                   Andrea and Prudence Hanging out with the chicks



  2. Thanks A! yes we are so thrilled to have you guys with us!
    see you soon!

  3. So great. I miss you guys so much. Just seeing your huge smiles fills me with such happiness. Much love!!


  4. How fun - Deb and Sam have to come back soon - the chickens have grown BIG and the temps are dropping slowly - it will be heavenly in 4 weeks!! xoxo Andrea

  5. Alysia, it would so awesome if you could be here too with all of us!
    Miss you lots ! xoxo
    Andrea: Well, your son in law and daughter will be here! Maybe we can figure out a winter trip.. but we will fly this time!
    xoxo deb


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