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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Real American Heroes! The Series Begins!

Sing along with me won't you?

' Real American Heroes.. ' yes, I am aware that song is for a beer commercial. But here at Debbie does raw, and at Grass fed Momma, those words mean much more.

This summer, I will be paying tribute to my own Real American Heroes, the men and women who inform, delight and just plain inspire me to greater heights!

Who are these heroes you ask?

Let's see..

Raw Model Food Forester Anthony Anderson and his Too Cute Blackbird Naturals crew!

Sugar Shock! author Connie Bennett

Matt Stone of 180 Degree Health!

Alice Waters of Chez Pannise and The Edible Schoolyard

and Many Many more..
Great Minds think alike.. and I want you all to know the people behind all that thinking!

Stay tuned for the first post on Real American Hereos!
with super charged love,

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